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Camdoo Doors

Camdoo uPVC Door Panels are constructed from a compact styrofoam core, layers of MDF, with PVCu external and internal skins. Panels are available with a 28mm or 40mm thickness.

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Standard colours: White, Black, Cream, Oak, Rosewood and Mahogany. Other colours available: Red, Blue, Green and Charcoal. Spray-painted RAL colours also available. Please contact us for full range of RAL colours – Please note that longer turnarounds and extra surcharges apply for spray painted panels/doors. NB:Black panels are Bog Oak Black to match foiled frame.


Inliten PVCu 70mm system with steel reinforcements. Frame colour range includes: White, Black, Cream, Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany, Red, Blue, Green and Charcoal Grey or a spray-painted RAL colour or your choice (please note that longer turnarounds and extra surcharges apply for spray painted products.


Advanced multi-point locking mechanisms and hardware fitted as standard. For enhanced security, select Hook Locks.


Lever/Lever handles fitted as standard. Lever/Pad and Thumb Turn options also available; Available in White, Black, Gold or ~Silver. Flag hinges as standard, available in White, Black Silver or Gold.


Letter boxes available in White, Black, Silver and Gold. Urn Knockers (with/without peephole) are available in Black, Silver or Gold. Scroll and Lion Knockers available in Black or Gold only. Numerals and Chains may also be supplied as a non-fitted accessory. Please note Letterbox options are not available with panel style ‘Paris’ under 1760mm high.


Glazing unit is 24mm on 28mm panels and 36mm on 40mm panels. Double and triple glazing options available. Glass units are toughened on both sides. Range of textured glass options also available. Georgian Bar only available in White, Cream, Oak, Black and Rosewood.


Backing glass for glazing units are available.


A range of full and half sidelights options are available.


76mm PVC threshold as standard, 50mm and 60mm also available. Stormguard thresholds available as optional extra.


15 year guarantee on PVCu frames and panels (white and foiled). 10 YEAR GUARANTEE ON SPRAY PAINTED PRODUCTS 1 YEAR ON IRONMONGERY.

What Are Door Thresholds

You have a choice of two thresholds, low 15mm aluminium and UPVC 60mm full frame. The low aluminium threshold is just 15mm high and creates a low step over when your door is open, this is ideal for pram access or indeed disabled access making ingress to the property must easier. The low threshold is Part M compliant.

The UPVC threshold means you will have a four-sided door frame with the frame along the bottom, when your door is open, you will have a step of 60mm of frame to step over when entering the property. This provides the tightest and most thermally efficient weather seal as the door sits behind the frame on all four sides.

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